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 Log cabins are much different then standard framed homes. We pride ourselves in knowing everything about cabins and what it takes to make and keep them beautiful. 

AP Log Home Services offers an inspection that would be performed by a log expert to look for:  

  • log rot
  • water and UV damage
  • caulk failure








The information collected during the inspection would be communicated to the homeowner in written form and a one-on-one walk around showing all problem areas is done in person so there is less confusion.  From there we can discuss what you would like to have done and we will give you a comprehensive estimate and approximate date that the work could be done.

If you're putting a cabin on the market, taking advantage of our inspection process and allowing us to do the work needed could lead to a much higher resale value and an easier sale. We can make your cabin fresh looking and the most efficient it can be.                                                   




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