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  Using a power washer, we apply a light bleach solution to sterilize the logs and remove other debris.This process also prepares the logs to ensure the best adhesion between the stain and logs.




We use two different methods and two different products to get the borates where we want them. The first is a brand called PeneTreat. We use PeneTreat when the pores of the wood are open over a wide space of a given log wall. We use it as a general treatment for all exterior log surfaces. Most times, we include this treatment after cob or sandblasting a building even if we are not going to be doing the application of the stain.





Borate wood preservatives are composed of naturally occurring minerals that protect wood from fungus, termites, and other wood-decomposing organisms. Borate wood preservatives are comprised of disodium octoborate tetrahydrate. Borate wood preservatives are low-toxicity treatments used primarily on indoor wood that is protected from weather. Borate wood preservatives have been used to treat wood for interior construction including joists, sheathing, sill plates and other uses for over 70 years. 




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